2018 Mission Project – Mobile Libraries for Uganda

Raise $32,000 for Three Mobile Libraries in Uganda to Increase Literacy Rates Among Children

A recent report comparing East African nations highlights that despite Ugandan children attending school in comparably high numbers, only 39% are literate. Many factors contribute to culture of literacy, but key infrastructure and books are missing in Uganda as public libraries do not exist and children are not able to take text books from school home.

Pangea Educational Development will provide an innovate service to bring books closer to homes than ever before: mobile libraries. Mobile libraries will provide families with the monthly recommended number of books for the size of each family. Each month the mobile library will return to retrieve and deliver new books to each family. Each mobile library will be driven by a mobile librarian who not only delivers the books, but conducts literacy progression assessments each month to understand growth and appropriate book selection going forward.

In a small pilot done in just two months, we have seen a student increase her literacy progression rate nearly half a grade level. Imagine how many gaps we can close if children have access to materials like these throughout the year and in their communities. The impact over time will be tremendous.

We are excited to work with Pangea Education Development again.

This is the same group we worked with on the Piggery Project.

Pangea image