Hot and Chilly Chili were hits at the Chili Cookoff

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February 1, 2017:  Sunday, January 29, over 200 people attended the 8th Annual Chili Cookoff. Twenty-two pots of chili were entered into the contest and after the votes were taken, winners emerged in three catagories. Twelve year old Haley Humphrey won the “Hot Chili” catagory with her own recipe that she prepare herself. Keith Loebs won the “Traditional Chili” with his entry (rumored to be from Gordon Foods). The “Unique Chili” winner was Wally Semrau with Chilly Chili made from ice cream and jelly beans.

A free will offering collected $715 for the Tiny House Project 2017.

Cook-Off Winners

2017 Chili Cookoff Winners


Yummy Chilly Chili

Someone loved ‘Chilly Chili’


Beanart at Chili Cookoff copy

Marcia Mikula with a little artist and her finished Beanart project


Daddy & Son

Proud Dad at Chili Cookoff


Chili Cook-Off Fellowship

Enjoying chili and conversation