Give Online


St. Paul’s is a Giving community.

We believe that God is the giver of all good things. As we strive to grow in faith, serve God and love all people, we are blessed to give. We give a portion of all that God first gave us intentionally, generously and joyfully. By doing this, we help transform lives and build God’s Kingdom here on earth.

Giving online is easier, faster and more secure than ever. Many of us don’t carry cash or a checkbook anymore, but we do carry our smartphones. Now you can give by simply downloading the St. Paul’s app or you can give online in just seconds. The first time you give you can set up your secure account and from then on you’ll be all set. 

Electronic Giving works the same as the automatic payment methods used to make mortgage or utility payments through your bank or credit union. After completing an online application, you will be able to contribute from your savings or checking account as well as with a credit or debit card. Electronic giving offers a secure, easy to use, established process that is currently used by over 15,000 churches and non-profit organizations today.

  • Easy sign-up process
  • One-time or recurring contributions
  • Contribute to your pledge account, mission activities, or church projects.
  • Save time and cost for you and the church

Participation is purely at your election, but offers another way you can contribute to St. Paul’s.