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March 2020 Sermons

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March 29 2020:  Facebook Live service due to church service cancellation because of Covid-19 social distancing. “Jesus wept.” We know this to be the shortest verse in the bible, but perhaps one of the best to illustrates the depth of compassion and love of our Savior. When we are going through hard times, Jesus feels our pain and struggle. With Jesus by our side, no matter what the grief or hardship is that we face, we can be resuscitated and resurrected like Lazarus; we will have help to stand up and unbind our weary bones. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

March 22, 2020:  Facebook Live service due to church service cancellation because of Covid-19 social distancing. This is one my favorite stories in John’s Gospel. It’s beautifully and powerfully written as two themes, fear (blindness) and hope (vision), clash with each other. We discover how fear actually blinds us to the possibilities of God. There’s so much more that God has in store if we’re willing to embrace the hope we have in Jesus Christ. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

March 15, 2020:  Facebook Live service due to church service cancellation because of Covid-19 social distancing.  She was thirsty. She was alone. She was an outsider. Actually, Jesus was the last person she wanted to see, but there he was, just waiting around Jacob’s well. With nothing to lose, they began a conversation about giving, and it changed her life forever. Join us as we encounter Jesus at Jacob’s well and hear his words for us.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

March 8, 2020:  “For God so loved the world…” this has to be one of the most famous verses in all the world… right? In this conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus lays out the core motivation of God toward us and all creation—love. Come and consider how we live in and respond to this abundant love which God offers to everyone.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

March 8, 2020:  Gratitude emerges when we comprehend the source of who we are, what we have, and all that is. Sincere expressions of gratitude are wrapped up in gifts (big and small), heartfelt prayers, poignant stories, random acts of service. What are you grateful for in your life? How are you called to respond to all that our generous and loving God has provided? Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

March 1, 2020:  Every day we have many choices to make. Some choices are easy to make, while others may be far more subtle. What (or Who) guides us in our decision-making? Just like us, Jesus faced a life full of choices. Come and discover what guided Jesus through his myriad of choices, and how it may be a blessing for you.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

March 1, 2020:  God calls us to cooperative partnership in ministry in the kingdom. It’s our choice to respond to that gracious invitation, with prayerful intention. Each time we say, “yes”, there is a huge impact in the church, community, and world. Come to Open Door this week as we kick off a new sermon series, “Take the Next Step” and explore what it means to say “yes” to God.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

February 2020 Sermons

February 23 , 2020:  You’ve probably heard people talk about Jesus as great guy, a good teacher, an inspirational leader, a visionary CEO, but Jesus is so much more. In this week’s gospel reading, Peter, James, and John experience a glimpse of Jesus’ divinity, and it takes their breath away. They discover there is a WHOLE LOT MORE about Jesus, and that Jesus would be there for them.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

February 23, 2020:  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned a new reality for our church and society – one where everyone would be included, loved, and welcomed into ‘The Beloved Community’. The foundation for this dream came from the promise of his faith, that God is always at work in the world, bringing about a “new heaven and earth”. We cling to this promise, knowing and trusting that transformation is possible and that there is always work to be done. Worship at The Open Door this week as we consider how each one of us is called to help make the dream a reality.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

February 16 , 2020:  Intentional faith is something to be proud of, and it is what we strive to be and attempt to do. Being intentional about our faith is not easy because we can sometimes have a difficult time living our faith beyond the comfort of what is often convenient. 7Our challenge is learning and recognizing the difference between practicing our faith and living our faith. Rev. Carter Grimmett preaches.

February 16, 2020:  My insurance company has a catchy jingle that goes like this, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!” Are you a ‘good’ neighbor? This week at The Open Door, we’ll be talking about how Jesus calls us to be in relationship with our neighbors. We’ll explore the popular story of The Good Samaritan, and what it means to be present and serve others with compassion, mercy, and justice.  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

February 9, 2020:  This is such a great Sunday to be at St. Paul’s as we celebrate Scouting during worship and as we enjoy our first ever ArtFEST, celebrating the joy of creativity within the arts. Jesus calls us to have faith like salt and light, adding zest and brightness to the world around us. Bring your friends and neighbors as we celebrate the many ways we seek to be salt and light in this community!  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

February 9, 2020:  Whether you’re caring for a child, parent, or pet there’s work involved. It’s a privilege and sacred responsibility, one that involves managing many of life’s curve balls, day to day demands, and a roller coaster of emotions. Come to Open Door this week as we learn what the bible has to say about this holy work and how we’re all on this journey together. Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

February 2, 2020:  Do you want the secret to happiness… real happiness? I’m not talking about that “my team’s in the Super Bowl” kind of happiness, which only last for a while (or never if you’re a Lions fan). This is the kind of happiness that will be there when life gets hard, really hard. Interested?  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

February 2, 2020:  When people marry or want to marry, they are searching for the perfect mate; the right relationship. Exactly, what is a right relationship, what does it entail, and how does our faith fit into this partner/spouse relationship? Rev. Carter Grimmett preaches.

January 2020 Sermons

January 26, 2020: Jesus changes people’s lives. Jesus changes where people are going. Jesus changes people’s priorities. To follow him means change. This Sunday we’ll experience it firsthand through the lives of his first disciples. They left their nets and followed him. They made a choice, and it was for Jesus. Join us as we consider the ways that Jesus has called us into changed lives. Rev. David Eardley preaches.

January 26, 2020:  A troubled relationship. A distant child. An overbearing boss. Tension happens in all areas of life. How might our relationship with Jesus help us in times of tension? How might we shine Christ’s light to others who are experiencing tension?  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

January 19, 2020:  “Come and see.” With these words, Jesus begins inviting others to follow him. How powerful these words are. Through being with Jesus and seeing his ministry to others, these first disciples will begin to see him for who he is… God’s own Son. How might we, through our presence and our actions, help the world see Jesus in us and in the world? Join us as we come and see Jesus.  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

January 19, 2020:  A new house. A different job. A new relationship. A new kid. Life is full of transitions, some good, some bad. All transitions cause stress. What does our faith offer us in times of transition? How might we be a blessings for those we know who are experiencing transition?  Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

January 12, 2020: At Jesus’ baptism, God calls him, “Beloved.” It is such a significant affirmation as he begins his ministry. How do you respond when you hear God calling you, Beloved? Join us this Sunday as we receive this good news from God and share it with others. This Sunday is also United Methodist Women Sunday, as we celebrate their incredible ministry in our community and in our world. Truly, they are committed to helping others hear God calling them “Beloved.”  Rev. David Eardley preaches.

January 12, 2020:  A new diagnosis. An ailing parent. A faltering economy. Many things can cause us trouble, can knock us off our well-planned groove. What does our faith offer in times of trouble? And how might we offer that faith to others in their times of trouble? Rev. Erin Fitzgerald preaches.

January 5, 2020: Everyone who sought out the baby Jesus had different ideas about what the Christ child was about. They were all surprised! For some, it was a pleasant surprise. This is what Epiphany is about: seeking one thing, but finding something else. The surprise is that something else is something better. Check it out! Rev. Rick Kress preaches.

January 5, 2020:  To start the new year and new decade, how about an Epiphany and Easter sermon all woven together in a Christmas movie? Another question: Have you ever thought about how much your life has touched and made a tangible difference in the life of others, perhaps for someone who has lost focus or special dreams? Come visit with George Bailey from It’s A Wonderful Life as he experiences Epiphany through the One who is life and the light of the world and Easter redemption. Here lies hope beyond despair. Rev. Judy May preaches.