February 1, 2017

Dear St. Paul’s family,

It’s a new year of building God’s kingdom here at St. Paul’s. Since 1858, our church has responded to the spiritual hunger in our community. From these humble beginnings, we have grown by transforming lives through the love of Jesus Christ. Lives have been forever changed, spirits lifted, and our compassion has brought healing and welcome to many people.

When you think about it, the center for God’s amazing ministry has been our church campus. As we have loved others, we have done our best to care for the place where all this ministry originates and occurs. Previous generations have committed their time, talent and treasure to support the church’s ministry and enhance the church’s campus.

It is now our turn to invest in this sacred place where we worship and grow in faith together.

St. Paul’s Member Ron DiLiddo has graciously agreed to chair Project IMPACT, a 3-year campaign to raise $880,000 to repair, restore and enhance our campus for ministry now and into the future. Over the last couple of years, the Board of Trustees has assessed our campus health and prioritized critical updates. Yes, it’s an ambitious ask, but we firmly believe we have been called to act at this time.

In fact, some of Project IMPACT’s work has already begun with critical repair to an ongoing foundation leak, repaired concrete steps, an additional sidewalk near Hickey Hall for improved accessibility, and increased outdoor lighting for better visibility and security. Monies for this initial work came from our church’s building and cash reserves, as we could no longer delay.

One of the most significant aspects of Project IMPACT is replacing our church parking lot. With consistent maintenance over time, we have gotten almost 30 years of use from a 20-year parking lot. It is our goal to have a new parking lot installed in 2017.

I invite you to prayerfully join with all who are a part of this community in making a commitment to our 3-year Project IMPACT. We have enclosed a brochure and pledge card for your consideration. Your pledge is significant and will be an investment to continue to build God’s kingdom here, now and in the future. Our community will continue to encounter the love of Jesus Christ at our church because of your support. Please plan to return your pledge card on or before February 26, 2017.

Together, we can make an IMPACT on lives to the glory of God and celebrate how our church will continue to be that beacon on a hill, offering God’s love for all. Thanks be to God!

Yours in Christ,

Rev. David Eardley

Senior Pastor



Make a contribution to Project IMPACT online right now.

(You’ll need to be listed in our church database with an email address.)



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