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High School Youth

 Open to all 9th through 12th graders and their friends

Youth group, Sunday School, Youth Worktrip, worship, Vacation Bible School volunteer opportunities and the Youth Ministries Newsletter

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Middle School Youth

Open to all 6th through 8th graders and their friends

Youth group, Sunday School, Confirmation Continued, worship, Vacation Bible School volunteer opportunities and the Youth Ministries Newsletter


Confirmation is one of the rites of passage, a milestone in a young Christian’s life.  We invite seventh and eighth graders to participate in this year’s Confirmation experience at St. Paul’s, led by Rev. Latha Ravi.

Confirmation Calendar 2016-2017

Confirmation Calendar 2016-2017 Field Trips 


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Journey 8th Grade Small Group

Journey is a small group for those recently confirmed middle school students who wish to continue the journey in Christian fellowship.

Shine 6th Grade Small Group

Shine is a is a space and specific time where our 6th grade youth can explore their faith with their peers..

Youth Leader Spotlight

Geoff Becker

Geoff Becker, High School Leader 

Geoff has been volunteering at St. Paul’s for 7 years. He spent many years with our middle school students and now he helps lead our high school youth. Geoff is a senior at Oakland University where he is studying finance. In his spare time, he enjoys soccer and skiing and is gifted at juggling. We can always count on Geoff. He has a competitive spirit, which makes our games extra fun, is good natured and a very nice young man.
Favorite Super hero: SpongeBob
Favorite Movie: Lego Movie
Favorite Snack: Dairy Queen
Kelsey Coleman

Kelsey Coleman, Middle School Leader 

Kelsey has been volunteering with our middle school youth group for 2 years. She previously attended youth group starting at 15 years of age so she has been involved in St. Paul’s programming for many years.  Kelsey currently attends the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and shopping. Kelsey is extremely dependable, always smiling and ready for anything we throw her way. She brings a breath of fresh air to the group and we love having her as part of our team!
Favorite Super hero: Iron Man
Favorite Movie: Big Hero 6
Favorite Snack: Cheetos


Grant Renny

Grant Renny, High School Leader 

Grant has been attending St. Paul’s his entire life and participated in both middle and high school youth group. He enjoyed the experience and feels this is his time to “return the favor” and help create positive experiences for others. Grant attended Rochester High and then the University of Michigan where he received a degree in Physics. He works at Autoliv in their crash test group. Grant is a fun and skilled leader who relates very well with the high schoolers, always sharing words of wisdom from past and current life experiences. We love how he jumps into each activity with such a positive energy!

Theme song for life: Incinerate by Sonic Youth
Favorite Super Hero: Batman
Favorite movie & snack: Jurasic Park and Hummus
Fun fact: Grant plays hockey & has a false front tooth


Keith Loebs

Keith Loebs, Middle School Leader

Keith has been attending St. Paul’s for 20 years. He met his wife Lynn while attending Purdue University and they married in 1981. They have a 25 year old son and a 28 year old daughter. Keith has enjoyed teaching both confirmation and adult education classes at church. He has been volunteering with the youth for many years and can be found most Sunday evenings tossing candy to the students as they arrive for youth group. Keith enjoys camping and dressing as a clown for special events. We love Keith’s leadership, down to earth nature, and the way he is always smiling and participating in the activities.                          
Theme song for his life: Hallelujah
Most admired super hero: Superman
Favorite movie and snack: James Bond and Chips & Dip


Jamie Heitman

Jamie Heitman, Middle School Leader

St. Paul’s has been an important part of Jamie’s family life for over 15 years. His daughters, Lilly and Annie, both attended preschool at St. Paul’s and he has volunteered with every age group, from 6-18. Jamie tries to enjoy every minute of every day and believes that KINDNESS COUNTS!  If Jamie were a super hero he would be Thor, mostly because of his great hair. We love Jamie’s ability to relate with the middle schoolers, while always being consistent and kind.
Theme song for his life: Brother by Need to Breathe
Favorite movie and snack: Hoosiers and Crunchy Cheetos
Lynn Loebs

Lynn Loebs, Middle School Leader

Lynn has been volunteering at St. Paul’s since 2010. She grew up in Indiana where she met her husband Keith at Purdue University. She has two children, Heather and Craig. You may recognize her from the incredible cookies she makes and sells for fundraising throughout the year. Lynn enjoys gardening, biking, and fancy camping in her RV. We love her smile and kind, helping heart.
Theme song for her life: Shout by The Isley Brothers
Favorite movie and snack: Gone with the Wind & Reeses PB Cups
Jenna Niewiadomski


Jenna Niewiadomski, Middle School Leader

Jenna has been volunteering with middle school for 2 years and has been attending St. Paul’s for 16 years. She is working on her Master’s degree in Psychology at Wayne State. Jenna can be found binging on Netflix while hanging out with her 3 cats. She also enjoys chocolate and shoes! We love Jenna’s sweet nature and positive attitude.
Theme song for her life: Fight Song by Rachel Platten
Favorite movie and snack: Frozen and Oreos